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Helpful Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is not a complicated game, and it already has the lowest house edge, giving players the best chances of walking away with some cold hard cash. However, there are still some helpful baccarat tips that can help players lower the house edge even more.

Picking the Game

First, the first thing players should do is choose the best table at which to play baccarat online. Games that offer fewer than five decks give players an increase of 0.65% on the house edge. The more decks in play, the more difficult it is for players to anticipate what cards have already been played and what the balance of the deck is. If players can find a table that offers only one or two decks, they can better anticipate the results. However, if players want to place a tie bet, they are better off playing with multiple decks. If you're playing at an online casino such as JackpotCity Casino, be sure to investigate.

Placing the Bet

There are only three bets available for players to make in baccarat, and most of the helpful baccarat tips will point players in the direction of the banker bet. They do this because the banker's bet has the lowest house edge, and it wins a fraction more of the time than the player bet does. However, the banker's bet also takes a commission out of any winnings that the players may receive. That additional 5% commission can mitigate any benefit players get from making the banker tip. The best bet is with the player.

Some baccarat guides may encourage players to identify patterns or consistent cards that come up, but players will waste their time trying to play this way. The most helpful tip is to just enjoy the game and rake in the winnings with the player bet.