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Roulette is believed to be a vast game of chances and probabilities. It doesn't mean that you are supposed to choose a color or number and place bets on it. You are going to get an in depth analysis of different technical terms of roulette. The next time you log on to JackpotCity Casino, you will be at higher grounds to start with.

There are basically 2 types of bets in roulette, the inside bets and the outside bets.

Outside Bets:

Red or Black Bet ? You get to place your chips or money at the black spots or the red spots.
High Number ? Low Number Bets ? These bets are from 19 to 36 numbers and 1 to 18 numbers. For each number, there are different spots so you would have an idea of where to place your chips at. If by any chance, 0 or 00 pops up, then you lose your money.
The 0 or 00 Number Bet ? This bet is commenced by placing the chips on the number 0 or 00. The payout for this bet is decent but the ratio for this bet is 35:1.

Inside Bets:

Corner Bet(s) ? This bet can be placed by placing your chips in the center of four numbers. Any of these numbers shows up? You win your bet just like that. Five Number Bet ? This bet revolves around 5 numbers known as 0, 00, 1, 2 & 3. You can let the dealer know about this bet by placing your chips on the outside line which is dividing 0 and 1. If none of these numbers show up after the bet, then you are done.

There are numerous other bets and terms in Roulette for you to explore. Never stop at one point and constantly develop a habit of researching.