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Different people prefer different modes and strategies in Roulette. There are normally 3 strategic methodologies which players adopt:

. Fibonacci Sequence Method
. Pyramid System
. Martingale System

Rumor has it that most popular systems are martingale and pyramid system of betting. Fibonacci is not really popular because it has its limitations due to roulette table limits. The martingale system revolves around a simple concept of doubling the bets every time you lose one. This is a risky system as you tend to lose a lot in the long run.

If in martingale system, you start from £1 bet, then upon each loss you will have to double your bet. This will take your betting curve like this, (1£, 2£, 4£, 8£................N). Where 'N' is the maximum amount of bets you can afford to place.

The problem with this system is once again the table limits. And casinos have place table limits because the higher bets you place, the house has lower chances of winning.

Pyramid Betting System:

On the other hand normally revolves around such similar concept. For every bet you win, you have to decrease your bet(s) by a certain amount. It can be £1 or it depends upon any preset value from your mind. Similarly for each bet you lose, you have to place a higher bet the next time by a few degrees. Basically and thoroughly it depends on you as to how much you can afford to spend in one session.

In the end you have your own luck with you whenever you start a roulette game online. Some days are high and some days are low. Jackpot City Casino UK offers roulette games for free and real money, so you can either test these roulette tips or use them to win cash.